Rotating tire

Is your family safe on the road with your tires?

Stop by for a tire rotation or get the help you need picking the most affordable replacement tires at Channel Ridge Truck & Auto Repair.

Replacing tire

Don't overspend on tires that are just not worth it

Choose from our selection of outstanding tires, including versions right for all types of vehicles, foreign and domestic. Get the help you need in determining which tires are right for your car based on your budget, the road conditions you tackle, and your overall desire for safety.

Invest in tires you can rely on and get the excellent customer service you need, too. Let our team help with:

  • Determining if you need to replace tires
  • Help selecting the right brands and styles to fit your vehicle's needs
  • Resources to help you to get the lowest possible price for those tires

You can count on us to help you get back on the road safely so you don't have to worry about slick spots or sliding any more.

Get the tire service you need, too

Stop in to our facility for the truck and car tire service you need, including:

  • Tire balancing to ensure safe driving conditions
  • Tire rotation to keep your tires wearing evenly - and saving you money, too!
  • Fixing flats or damaged rims so you stay safe

Whether you need tires repaired, replaced, or installed for your family's station wagon, or you need the off-roading tires for a 4 by 4, our team is ready with what you need at the right price.

Stop in today or call to schedule an appointment for your tire service.


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